Running Until October 18th, 2014


Gallery Opening, Saturday, October 20th, 7pm – 11pm

by Carl Joe Lewis

We’re at it again!!! Very excited to bring you an artist who will soon be taking New Orleans soul and exposing it to the rest of the world, the one and only Carl Joe Williams. Our staff is thrilled to work with Carl Joe at this time, as his career is taking him to stunning larger galleries and museums outside of New Orleans.

Hyph3n-Art is thrilled to show some of Carl Joe’s more famous reclaimed wooden door pieces before they start to trickle out of the city and into more exhibits nationwide. Also, we will be debuting an addictive new collection of small works on canvas.

The vibrant colors and resonating soul of Carl Joe’s pieces are a stunning inspiration to our Chef and we will update the event as soon as we have the final menu. It will be a site to behold, we promise you that.

See you Saturday the 20th!!