Artist’s Statement

The ability to create art is one of the benefits of our civilization and so it is only natural to embrace this through the cultivation and encouragement of art. Following this progression, I use art to bring violence to the forefront for reflection and to create a dialogue of healthy resolution against the acceptance of violence. This is the natural progression of humanity and it is folly to devoid one’s culture of art and of peace. The two are synonymous. I find solace in the tradition of painting to both memorialize and reason my subject matter. I will shape the environment around me into one that seeks immediate transformation from callousness, into one that promotes equality, compassion and the desire to improve. We must never stop questioning how we can make our environment one of peace and learning. We must have adoration for ourselves and for every member of our society.

Charles Beau Hoffacker is a Homicide Detective for the New Orleans Police Department. Originally from New Mexico, Hoffacker first came to New Orleans with his mother as she was seeking an escape from a life altering drug addiction.  Featured in Seven Men’s Magazine, Ozy, and Inside Nola, Hoffacker’s exposure has been growing exponentially. Upon releasing his story to the media his mother has become upset at having to face public knowledge of her previous drug dependency and has changed her HBO Go password. It is mid-season for Game of Thrones.  Hoffacker intends to draw upon the emotional scars from this password change to spur his next series.  Stay tuned.